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Everything you need to know about hosting a midget wrestling event

The midget-wrestling event hosted by the Midget Wrestling Entertainment is an action packed wrestling show from start to finish that will leave your customers and wrestling fans raving about the event for months after we’re gone. Trust us! Midget Wrestling Fans call our office every single day asking when we’re coming back to a city we’ve performed in.

The event has become a favorite among venue owners and promoters across America. Hosting the Midget Wrestling Entertainment has been one of the most profitable nights of the year for several hundred of our customers.

The Numbers

Ticket Prices: We ultimately let you decide the cost of the Midget Wrestling Entertainment’s ticket sales. You know your customers better than we do, so you’re able to determine a price for what best serves your customers. However, we recommend charging $12-$15 in advance, $15-$20 at the door and $25-$35 for ringside or VIP seating.

Ticket Sales: Our midget wrestling events generally average between 300-500 ticket sales, these numbers are based on our complete 2013 tour schedule. A venue can expect to bring in approximately $4,500 - $7,000 in ticket sales alone.

Alcohol Sales: We recently did a study at 51 venues that we worked with in 2013 and we’ve found that our events increased alcohol sales by 47% in comparison to an average night.

The show also includes:

  • 4 matches
  • 4-5 Midget Wrestlers
  • Ring Announcer
  • 1 midget referee
  • 12×12 professional wrestling ring

Promotional Materials Provided

  • 11x17 inch hard copy and digital flyers
  • 8½" x 11" hard copy and digital flyers
  • Event tickets
  • Studio made 30 second radio spot

Tickets are normally sold at $15 in advance, $20 at the door, and usually some ringside seating or VIP area is set up at $25-30 per person.

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Before the show starts

Midget Wrestling Entertainment will typically arrive in town sometime between 2-4 pm to begin setting up their equipment and the wrestling ring. This process with the help of a couple of your employees will take roughly 30 minutes.

Once everything is set up, they will leave, head to their hotels to freshen up and return approximately 90 minutes before show time.

Show Synopsis

Meet & Greet: Once we’re inside of 60 minutes before show time the wrestlers will do a “Meet & Greet” with all of the midget wrestling fans. This includes shaking hands, talking to your customers and over all generally having fun with the fans.

Single Matches: The midget wrestling event starts with the MC doing some commentary, hyping up the audience and creating excitement. The MC will announce the first 2 wrestlers to take battle in the ring with a “single-match”. After the first “single-match” is over we repeat this process again, letting another “single-match” battle take place in the ring.

Tag Team Match: Once both of the single matches are over the MC will continue hyping the audience to keep the excitement level up and start calling all of the midget wrestlers back into the ring for an over the top exciting “Tag-Team Match”

Crowd Participation: After the tag team match is over the wrestlers will do audience participation to get your crowd involved in the show. They will also give the fans an opportunity to take photos with all of the midget wrestlers, so they can take a piece of the show home with them.

Battle Royale: Up next is the “Battle Royale” the main event of the evening. The “Battle Royale” is the most exciting and action packed part of the entire event. We can’t go into much detail here about the “Battle Royale”, this is the finale and we want to surprise our wrestling fans as well as surprise you!

After Party: The show is over, but it’s not really over yet! The midget wrestlers have an after party once the wrestling is over. They will stick around, have drinks with the fans, engage your customers, sign autographs and have a blast until the venue closes. Based on recent feedback from our fans and venue owners this is one of their favorite parts of the entire event.

MWE travels with a cordless mic and all show music. We do not bring a PA, so we need one to plug into.